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Join Cragsmoor Association:

– Download your membership form with the link below. Send the completed form to Cragsmoor Association, PO Box 315, Cragsmoor, NY  12420. Include a $25 check for your dues or pay with a credit card using the PayPal button on this page.

CA membership form

– Forms are also available at the Bear Hill shed during open hours.
– You can also join at our annual meeting on July 7th, 2018, 9:30am at the Cragsmoor Historical Society.

Donate additional funds to the Bear Hill Preserve:

Purchase Bear Hill Annual Pass without Cragsmoor Association membership (on-site only): $25

Purchase Bear Hill daily entry fee (on-site only): $7

Purchase Bear Hill t-shirt (on-site only): $15

Why join Cragsmoor Association?

“So many organizations are asking for money! How is Cragsmoor Association different?”

We are the gate keeper of the Bear Hill Nature Preserve, and our primary expenses relate to its maintenance and management. These expenses run to several thousand dollars each year for maintenance, insurance, etc.

In the past, Cragsmoor Association has helped raise money needed to address various development challenges, such as retain lawyers and engineering consultants.

Cragsmoor Association is charged with protecting what we all love about where we live. Our expenditures will always track with our mission, and your input is critical to those decisions.

 “What do I get for my $25?  And don’t say free access to Bear Hill, it used to be free to everyone.”

Bear Hill maintenance costs money.

There is strength in numbers. Our community has repeatedly banded together effectively to resist the worst effects of development projects and proposals. Your support resulted in the reduced footprint of the Dharmakaya project, and imposition of a buffer zone around its entirety that will be protected forever by a conservation easement. These things would not have happened without our vigilance and intervention. (And remember the project that resulted in hundreds of windmills across the ridge? No? Exactly!)

“I don’t want to get involved.”

You don’t have to get involved – but if you’re on our mailing list or following our facebook page, you’ll know what WE think is important to monitor.

You can tell us what you think is important WITHOUT joining – we are listening!

Consider the maintenance of Bear Hill – your $25 is a great help.

You may not get involved, but others do and will. Help own the initiative.

“The Cragsmoor Association doesn’t speak for me.”

What would you like the Cragsmoor Association to say for you?

Help us maintain what you love about the mountain.

Did you realize that the words “conservation” and “conversation” have exactly the same letters?

Concerned about the larger environmental conservation movement and its connection to local issues? It’s a great conversation we’re itching to have…

“What is Cragsmoor Association doing right now to help protect Cragsmoor?”

Cragsmoor is situated in the middle of the Shawangunk Ridge, which is designated by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation as a Significant Biodiversity Area. Everything in the natural world is connected, and the connections between different layers of the ecosystem define our environment. Understanding how ecosystems work is especially important in places that occupy the very boundary of development and conservation, like Cragsmoor. What are we doing that contributes to such understanding?

Bear Hill Preserve management and maintenance. Our management plan continues to benefit the Cragsmoor community and visitors alike. The short hike to Bear Hill is rewarded with beautiful vistas and a Preserve that’s cleaner than ever before. Our friendly gate presence is supplemented by trail maintenance that keeps things clean and safe.

We contribute to local conservation efforts as a member of the Shawangunk Ridge Biodiversity Partnership and other groups. As a member of SRBP we’ll keep you posted on the conservation work of partners like the NYS DEC, NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (the new manager of Sam’s Point Preserve) and the NY/NJ Trail Conference.

The Tiny House Project is dedicated to advancing the art and science of sustainable living and conservation development. The Tiny House Project gives us an up-close and personal view of “low-impact living” ideas that conserve water and have a low environmental footprint.

Cragsmoor H2O is a community water monitoring effort organized by Cragsmoor Association that seeks to establish useful information about water quality and quantity in the Cragsmoor community.

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